The greatest revelation given to the Church is found in the Book of Ephesians.  This epistle contains the truth that the Church is the Body of Christ.  We have been made alive together with Christ, raised together with him, and seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  The first three chapters of Ephesians set forth the doctrine, while the last three reveal how we are to live and walk as the Body of Christ.  The three volumes of The Blessed Life books and the corresponding audio recordings provide a detailed study of this epistle, enabling the student to gain a greater understanding of Ephesians.
     In The Blessed Life series, Volume I covers the first chapter of Ephesians, Volume II includes chapters two and three, and Volume III is an exposition of the practical portion of Ephesians - chapters four through six.
"The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians declares the most magnificent revelation ever given to the Church.  Never has any truth been revealed that lifts mortal man to the lofty position as that given him in Ephesians.  Man is taken from the depths of despair - dead in trespasses and sins - to the heights of exaltation - seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  The matchless grace of God is displayed in all of its abundance, His incomparable mercy in its full richness, and the Father's immeasurable love in its true greatness."

From Volume I, Chapter 1: "Background for Understanding the Church Epistles"

"When we were in the most hopeless and helpless condition, we had only one thing in our favor - a merciful God Who loved us.  Except for the greatness of God's love and the richness of His mercy, there would have been no meaning to our lives and no true prospects for a new and better life.  Nothing we could do would cause any significant change.  We still would have been dead and trespasses and sins.  'But God' - how striking those words are! God intervened in our lives when we were in such desperation."

From Volume II, Chapter 1: "Ephesians 2:1-4"

"In the Northwestern plains of the United States, among various Indian tribes, including the Cheyenne and the Crow, lived a class of warriors know as 'dog soldiers.'  They were the most elite warriors of their tribes, greatly  admired by their people and respected and feared by their enemies.  These men were considered the last line of defense against an enemy attack.  They wore a sash about eight to ten feet in length and thus came to be called 'sash wearers.'  These warriors would tie the sash around their bodies and then take their lance and stake the sash to the ground.  They would make their stand on that piece of ground even at the cost of their own lives.  They were committed to stand no matter what they faced.  The question we must ask ourselves as born-again ones, 'Are we as committed to stand spiritually as they were to stand in the physical battle?'  The stand required of us will take the same type of commitment."

From Volume III, Chapter 13: "Ephesians 6:12 and 13"

Topics in Volume I:
  • The Blessed Life
  • Background for Understanding the Church Epistles
  • Grace
  • Peace
  • The God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Election and Predestination
  • Sonship
  • Redemption
  • Jesus Christ and God's Creation
  • Our Inheritance
  • God's Inheritance in Us
  • The Victory of Jesus Christ
  • The Power of God Available to Us
  • The Hope of God's Calling


Topics in Volume II:
  • The Love, Grace and Mercy of God
  • Our Identification in Christ - Quickened, Raised, Seated with Him
  • God's Workmanship and the Good Works he Has Prepared for Us
  • True Circumcision
  • The Old and New Covenants
  • Reconciliation with and Access to God
  • Jesus Christ - the Cornerstone of the Church
  • The Church: The Temple and Habitation of God
  • The Revelation of the Mystery
  • Ministries As Gifts of God's Grace in the Church
  • The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
  • The Prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21


Topics in Volume III:
  • Walking Worthily of the Calling of God
  • Guarding the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace
  • The Gift Ministries and the Service of Each Individual Believer
  • The Growth of the One Body
  • Putting Off the Old Man and Putting on the New Man
  • Walking in Love
  • Walking as Children of Light
  • Walking Circumspectly
  • The Christian Marriage
  • Raising Christian Children
  • Putting on the Whole Armor of God
  • The Stand Against Spiritual Wickedness
  • Praying in the Spirit


The Blessed Life
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