A wealth of practical lessons of life can be garnered by the study of the Book of James.  This epistle, however, exhorts us not to be merely hearers of the Word but doers also.  Topics addressed in the book include learning to stand through difficult and trying circumstances, asking God for wisdom, countering the lusts of the flesh with God's Word, recognizing he perfect law of liberty as we stand through the trials of life by believing, and seeing how humility before God resolves the strife and envy among the believers.  The final chapter then considers repentance and confession of sin as the means of purifying our hearts before God and drawing near to Him. 

The syllabus to the seminar contains additional material not included in the book and was specifically written to correspond with the CDs.

Chapters Include:
  • Background: The Writer and the Epistle
  • Temptations and Trials
  • Asking for Wisdom
  • Various Temptations: Money, Sinful Desires, Words, Anger
  • Receive with Meekness the Implanted Word
  • The Perfect Law of Liberty
  • Taming of the Tongue
  • Wars and Fightings among Believers
  • Drawing Near to God


Doers of the Word
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