Lessons in Dynamic Christian Living is a four-part series of teachings on how to apply the truths of the Bible to live a dynamic Christian life.  The first volume, The Foundation of God's Word, undertakes a detailed study of the foundational research principles that will enable a believer to become more adept at understanding and applying the keys to how the Word of God interprets itself.   The second volume, Man's Relationship with God, examines the original relationship man had with God, how it was broken through Adam's disobedience and then restored through the finished work of Jesus Christ.  The third volume, A New Life in Christ, considers our identification with Christ and our rights and privileges as sons of God.  This study presents truths on how we can renew our minds, walk by the spirit rather than the flesh, stand against the wiles of the devil and live together as members in the Body of Christ.  The fourth volume, The Gift and Worship Manifestations of the Holy Spirit, covers the gift of the holy spirit and how it can be manifested by each and every believer.  This study focuses on the worship manifestations of speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy.

Chapters in Part I: The Foundation of God's Word:

  • Dynamic Christian Living
  • The God-Breathed Word
  • The Workman and the Word
  • Background for Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
  • Keys to the Word's Interpretation: Understanding the Meaning of Words
  • Keys to the Word's Interpretation: In the Verse and in the Immediate Context
  • The Greater Context: The Harmony of the Scriptures
  • Things Similar Are Not Necessarily Identical: The Two Fig Trees Cursed by Jesus
  • Harmony of the Scriptures: "My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?"
  • Scripture Buildup
  • Previous Occurrences of a Word or Topic
  • To Whom It is Speaking, Of Whom It Is True, and To Whom It Is Addressed
  • The Church and the Tribulation
  • The Revealed Word of God
  • Appendix: The Kingdom of God and the Church


"A new life is now available to any individual, a life that lifts him above the mundane and ordinary.  Jesus Christ did not give his life on our behalf so that our lives would be merely ordinary.  God's desire is for us to have lives that are extraordinary.  Dynamic christian living takes one out of the realm of the natural and places him in the realm of the supernatural.  The foundation for living this dynamic Christian life is the Bible, which is the revealed Word and will of God.  The Bible reveals to us God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  God's written Word makes known to us this new way of living."

From Chapter 1: "Dynamic Christian Living"

Chapters in Part II: Man's Relationship with God:
  • Receiving from God
  • Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Enemies of Believing
  • In the Beginning
  • Man's Relationship with God is Broken
  • Restoration of Man's Relationship with God
  • The Finished Work of Jesus Christ
  • Access to God Restored


"How much is God willing to do for you?  He gave His dearly beloved Son as a sacrifice to die in your place.  How much is God able to do for you?  He raised Christ from the dead and set him at His Own right hand in the heavens far above everything else.  the word translated "according to" again sets the standard or measure.  The standard or measure of God's power available to us is the resurrection and ascension of Christ.  What are you facing in life that is too difficult for God to do?  He is both able and willing to do for us whatever we need in our lives."

From Chapter 1: "Receiving from God"

Chapters in Part III: A New Life in Christ:
  • Our Identification with Christ in His Crucifixion, Death, and Burial
  • Our Identification with Christ in His Quickening, Resurrection, and Seating
  • Our Identification with Christ in Glory
  • The Believer's Walk: Flesh Versus Spirit
  • The Renewed Mind
  • Sons of God: Rights and Privileges
  • Our Spiritual Stand
  • A New Life as Members of the Body of Christ


"A healthy fruit tree planted in good soil and receiving sufficient water will produce an abundance of fruit.  One does not have to beat on the tree to make it fruitful.  Likewise a born-again one who walks by the new nature will find the fruit of the nature evidenced in his life without trying to force himself to be fruitful.  These fruit are the qualities and characteristics of Jesus Christ.  His love becomes evidenced in our lives.  His joy and peace become ours.  So do all the other fruit.  This fruit is the essence of a dynamic Christian life."

From Chapter 4: "The Believer's Walk:  Flesh Versus Spirit"

Chapters in Part IV: The Gift and Worship Manifestations of the Holy Spirit:
  • The Giver and The Gift of Holy Spirit
  • The First Outpouring of Holy Spirit at Pentecost
  • The Acceptable Year of the Lord
  • Other Accounts in Acts of Receiving the Holy Spirit
  • A Study of I Corinthians 12
  • A Study of I Corinthians 13
  • A Study of I Corinthians 14

  • Now concerning spiritual [matters of the spirit] gifts, brethren, 
    I would not have you ignorant.
                                         I Corinthians 12:1

"Both the Word and the spirit bring profit to us.  We must not magnify one at the expense of another.  if we intensely studied God's Word but failed to operate the manifestations of the spirit, we might be great Bible-heads, scriptural intellectuals with no power.  If we focused on the spirit and neglected the study of God's Word, we would get out of control and accept things as operations of the spirit that are counterfeit.  Our operation of the manifestations would get out of bounds.  Let's keep the spirit and the Word in proper balance so that we can receive the greatest profit in our own lives and help others to receive the greatest profit in their lives."

From Chapter 5: "A Study of I Corinthians 12"

Lessons in Dynamic Christian Living
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