A Great Work for God:
Building the Body of Christ

    The Book of Nehemiah is the record of a man chosen by God to do a specific work-to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. This study considers the parallels between the work Nehemiah and others did in rebuilding the wall of the city and our work in reaching the world with the gospel of Christ and building the body of Christ. Under the supervision of Nehemiah, the laborers of Judah built the wall of Jerusalem. In 1 Corinthians 3:10, we see that Paul as the master builder who laid the foundation of Christ. He received great revelation regarding what Christ accomplished for us and who we are and what we have in Christ. Now we build upon that foundation that has been laid for us. God has prepared works for us to walk in. He has called us to do a great work for Him in moving His word over the entire world and building up the Body of Christ. We labor according to the working of Christ, the new creation of the spirit from God, within us. It is by grace we are saved and by grace that we labor.


A Great Work for God
Building the Body of Christ

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