February 2019

Dear Beloved Ones,

    God's richest blessings to you in Christ's name. We are pleased to make available the updated catalog for Emmaus Road Bible Fellowship. This update provides information on all of the publications, CDs and MP3s that are currently available for purchase from our bookstore.

    Two new publications and their accompanying CDs and MP3s have been included since the last catalog revision. These are The Healing Presence and Power of God and Winds of Grace: Walking in Victory Over Sin and Sickness. Winds of Grace is designed to be a companion volume to The Healing Presence and Power of God. Winds of Grace is a three part teaching series-Parts 1 and 2 were taught in April and November of 2018 and Part 3 will be taught in April 2019. The CDs and MP3s for Part 3 will be available after that weekend.

    Two other studies that have been expanded in the past few years are Supplemental Studies on Our Identification with Christ and Romans: The New Life of Liberty. Information on these can be found in the catalog.

    We trust all the bookstore materials will continue to enrich your lives.

    With much love in Christ,

Ken and Darlene Petty

Catalog introduction from Ken and Darlene Petty
URL http://www.emmausroadbf.com/introduction.htm
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