God's desire for man's obedience is found throughout the Bible.  These studies include the life of Peter as he learned obedience from his master, Old Testament accounts of Adam, Saul, Abraham, Joshua, Jeremiah, Malachi, and others and their attitudes toward obeying God.  The temptations of Jesus in the wilderness and his response with the written Word is the subject of chapter four.  The fifth chapter discusses our lord's obedience unto death and how we now enjoy the benefits of his obedience.  The next two chapters cover the disobedience of the flesh and the solution to sin.  Chapter eight considers the attributes of a committed life, and the final study reviews seven things a believer must have abounding in his life to live a fruitful life today with rewards throughout eternity.

"Obedience must be rooted in trust . . . The more we learn to trust God, the more willing we are to commit our lives to Him."
From Chapter 5: "Jesus Christ: Obedience unto Death"

Chapters Include:
  • Let Down Your Nets: Learning Obedience
  • Old Testament Lessons in Obedience, Part I
  • Old Testament Lessons in Obedience, Part II
  • The Temptations of Jesus in the Wilderness
  • Jesus Christ: Obedience unto Death
  • The Disobedience of the Flesh
  • Overcoming Sin
  • The Committed Life
  • Obedience and the Faithful Stand


Let Down Your Nets
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