This collection of studies introduces the topic of believing as the means to receiving God's promises.  After considering the simplicity of believing, succeeding chapters look at the example of the father of believing, Abraham, the failure of Abraham's physical seed to follow in his footsteps of believing, and the example of the Roman centurion, a Gentile, who was willing to believe solely on the basis of the words spoken by Jesus.  Another study examines attempts to secure salvation by works and then establishes God's way-by believing.  Overcoming doubt, worry and fear with God's Word is also discussed, including how to stand against the wiles of the devil.  The final chapter then sets the relationship between love and believing and shows how love is the key to energizing good works.
Chapters Include:
  • The Possibilities of Believing
  • The Simplicity of Believing
  • The Believing of Abraham
  • The Seed of Abraham
  • Speak the Word Only: The Centurion's Believing
  • Believing Versus Works
  • Treasures in Heaven: Overcoming Doubt, Worry and Fear
  • The Shield of the Right Way of Believing
  • Love and Believing


As a Grain of Mustard Seed: Believing God's Word
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