As born-again ones, we have a threefold fellowship or partnership - with God the Father, with the Lord Jesus Christ, and with one another.  Understanding the nature of our partnership enables us to walk with great power.  We have been brought into a Father and sons' business as workers together with God.  Just as Jesus Christ walked in partnership with his Father and performed mighty miracles and healings, so can we.
This study explores the relationship between prayer and the dominion God has given to us, the aggressive nature of believing in appropriating the promises of God, the authority we have in using the name of Jesus Christ, the intimacy of fellowship with Jesus Christ available to those who have Christ within them, the unity we have because of the new birth spirit within each believer, and the partnership of believers in moving God's Word.

"In this dynamic partnership we work out our wholeness, but God works in us so that we will and do that which is pleasing to Him.  Man without God demonstrates only frustration, futility and failure, while God without man's cooperation can only patiently wait to bring to pass His plans and purposes.  Nothing of any value happens here on earth until man and God work together in partnership with one another."

From Chapter 2: "A Study of the Prayer of Colossians 1:9-11"

Chapters Include:
  • Partnership with God
  • Partnership with the Father: A Study of the Prayer of Colossians 1:9-11
  • The Nature of Believing
  • The Name of Jesus Christ
  • Fellowship with Jesus Christ
  • Fellowship with Other Believers


A Partnership of Power: The Believer's Fellowship
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