This book (and the corresponding audio teachings) are designed to assist the believer in developing his prayer life.  The first study shows the heart of prayer from four of the psalms of David, elaborating on the great object of prayer - knowing God and having fellowship with Him.  Three chapters look at the Old Testament covenant and how that foreshadowed the access we have to God and the way we keep our hearts pure.  Additional studies cover five different aspects of prayer, aspects that blend together, with each being essential for an effectual prayer life.  Other chapters focus on our intercessor, Jesus Christ, how the spirit makes intercession for us, and how vital that intercession is in the prayer life of a believer.

" . . . the great object of prayer is not any particular blessing or specific request (these are only secondary) but the Lord Himself.  We have the privilege to know Him and to have fellowship with Him.  That is the primary reason for prayer."

From Chapter 1: "The Heart of Prayer"

Chapters Include:
  • The Heart of Prayer
  • Access to God
  • The Two Altars
  • Sanctification and Prayer
  • Prayer as Personal Devotion
  • Prayer as an Expression of Personal Need
  • Specific Requests
  • Intercession
  • Jesus Christ's Intercessory Ministry
  • The Intercession of the Spirit
  • Thanksgiving and Praise
  • Developing Your Prayer Life


In Pleasant Places: The Joy of Prayer
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