These publications and CDs deal with the first eight chapters of the Epistle to the Romans. This doctrinal part of Romans dynamically sets the foundation for freedom in the life of an individual. Romans takes man from the depths of despair, because of his separation from God, to joyful triumph, because of his reconciliation with God through the work of Jesus Christ. This life-changing epistle reveals the freedom from sin, death and the law, and the new life of liberty in Christ available for us to live today as we await the return of Christ. The material from Romans was originally covered in two volumes written in 1998. The Romans Seminar Syllabus and the CDs for the seminar condense the material from those two volumes. They provide a powerful synopsis of the doctrine in the Book of Romans.

    Romans:The New Life of Liberty updates and expands upon the material in the original books. During the summer of 2015, the eight chapters were taught again in a series of one-day seminars. The syllabus and CD set cover the material taught in those seminars. Individual syllabuses and CDs from those seminars are also available for purchase.

"...Romans, as the foundation for the all truth of the Church epistles, is the declaration of a believer's independence from the tyranny of sin-his emancipation proclamation.
Romans sets forth the gospel of God concerning His Son. It is only in the Son that we find freedom from sin. As we study the first eight chapters of Romans, we will realize that the Son has made us free."


Romans: The New Life of Libery
Romans:The Foundation of Freedom

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