Christians are too often confused as to the place the law holds in their lives.  The Ten Commandments are frequently presented as the cornerstone of the Christian life.  Yet what do the Scriptures actually teach about our relationship to the law?  This publication shows that the law has no place in the life of a born-again one.  Because of the work Jesus Christ finished for us in fulfilling the law, we now live by a greater law - the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

"Whenever we try to regulate the old nature by putting ourselves back under the law, we are giving it recognition rather than believing that it was crucified with Christ.  We are not only dead to the law, but we are also dead to sin . . . Being dead to the law, we no longer live under it.  Likewise being dead to sin, we no longer are to live in it. . . We live a completely new life by our believing regarding the Son of God . . ."

From Chapter 6: "Walking by the law or by the Spirit"

Chapters Include:
  • The Law and the First Century Church
  • The Time of the Law
  • The Purpose and Place of the Law
  • The Old Testament Witness of Christ
  • Two Types of Righteousness
  • Walking by the Law or by the Spirit?


The Law, Christ and the Believer
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