The times we live in seem quite unstable.  In the midst of the uncertainties surrounding us, we must remember that the Lord God is the stability of our times.  The first chapter introduces God as our rock and refuge, God's Word as the foundation for our lives, and Jesus Christ as our cornerstone.  This Biblical studies seminar continues with a detailed look at Isaiah 26:3, examining the context of this verse, immediate and remote, and the usage of words in the verse.  Another chapter reveals the source of trial and temptations and how patient endurance enables us to overcome negative circumstances.  Another topic examines hope as the anchor that provides strength and stability to our lives as Christians.  The final chapter focuses on the three greatest enemies that can bring defeat in our lives and how to overcome them.
Chapters Include:
  • The Lord: The Stability of Our Times
  • Isaiah 26:3: The Stayed Mind
  • Temptations and Trials
  • A Living Hope: The Anchor of Our Soul
  • Overcoming Doubt, Worry and Fear


The Lord: The Stability of Our Times
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