Winds of Grace:
Walking in Victory Over Sin & Sickness

    This study is a companion volume to The Healing Presence and Power of God. We can walk in victory over sin and sickness only through the grace of God and not by relying upon our own strength or willpower to change ourselves. Jesus Christ has finished the work to give us this victory. This study includes a study of ten great truths of grace. These truths come from the Scriptures and reveal how God gives grace so we can walk each day in that grace. Foundational is the first great truth that God gives grace to the humble-those who submit to God. As those who are alive from the dead, we can present our mental and physical faculties as instruments of righteousness. With the spirit of Christ within, we can reign in life and bring forth fruit of the spirit. By speaking in tongues, we are built up, giving us strength to overcome defeating habits of the flesh. Walking by the spirit enables us to ride on the spiritual high places in our daily living. We see that we live in a highly acceptable and truly favorable time. We have been fully received or accepted by God. His favor or grace has been lavished upon us and we live in a time of refreshing. Each day is a day of rest, salvation, deliverance and rejoicing because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. As a result, we can do the works of Christ and greater works, carrying out the ministry of reconciliation.


Topics Include:
  • Ten Great Truths of Grace
  • God Will Provide the Grace We Need at the Time We Need It
  • Grace Is Not a License for Sin
  • Freedom from Sin in Our Day-by-Day Living
  • Speaking to the Father by the Spirit
  • No Longer Yielding Our Members as Instruments of Unrighteousness
  • Jesus Christ's Presentation of Himself to God as First Fruits from the Dead
  • Honoring God with Our First Fruits: The Heart of Financial Giving
  • The Acceptable Year of the Lord and the One-Year Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Our Acceptance with God in the Perfect Offering of Jesus Christ
  • The Struggle Against Sin and How Grace Enables Us to Have Dominion over Sin
  • The Testing of God's Faithfulness to His Word
  • Grace and Walking by the Spirit
  • Offering Acceptable Spiritual Sacriifices
  • Today's Suffering and Future Glory


Winds of Grace:Walking in Victory Over Sin & Sickness
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